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Power Generators

Power generators for safety and security, anytime and anywhere
Mobile Power Stations

Mobile Power Stations (MPS) are vehicles equipped with a diesel engine generator as well as cables and equipment required for supplying electrical power. MPS can be driven to any location where electrical power is required and generate and supply electrical power on site. Therefore, it plays an effective role, not only as an emergency power supply with excellent mobility but as a measure of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in the event of a disaster or scheduled blackout.

Market Applications for Mobile Power Stations
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Mobile Power Station General Catalog
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Mobile Power Station Catalog

Mobile Power Station Catalog

Specialized Vehicle Type
Mobile Power Station Catalog

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Steam Energy Equipment

Offering a high efficient power generator that recycles unused energy from steam!
This equipment can help saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions significantly.

Market Applications for Steam Energy Equipment

Screw-type Micro Steam Energy Generator

Screw-type Micro Steam Compressor

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Micro Steam Energy Generator